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Nataliya Nikitina-Demerath

Nataliya works together with her husband - Larry Demerath at Demerath Law Office. She graduated with honors in 1988 with her Master Degree in History, from Kiev State Shevchenko University (Ukraine). She was employed by a number of international companies in Ukraine focusing primarily on marketing, analytical researching, and business development tasks. In 2004, Nataliya attended Kiev Business School, earning her Management and Marketing Certificate.

Prior to joining Demerath Law Office in 2015, she worked as National Sales Director for Milk Alliance (Kiev, Ukraine), in charge of distributing the company’s products throughout Ukraine and Russia with some 200 employees – all while raising her daughter.

Nataliya provides staff support to firm partner, Larry Demerath. She works in the area of civil litigation, including drafting pleadings and discovery, lien negotiation, case management and trial preparation for individuals and mass tort litigation. She assists in preparing hearings, sending (out) correspondence, managing office schedules, and client relations.

It was a relief to have Mr. Demerath at the helm.  He listed to my concerns, addressed my issues, pointed out to me the pros and cons of my case and then went to battle for me.  Mr. Demerath has both integrity and persistence, two powerful traits that I believe gave him the upper hand in my case.  I would highly recommend Demerath Law.

- Dara G